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Rounds Elite Circuit

1Is Unique to our studio, it is a Strength and Endurance Circuit which Incorporates many different aspects of fitness challenging the individual to the fullest degree. Our Rounds incorporates the use of Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA Training, Weight training, powerlifting, kettlebells, plyometrics, battle-ropes and much much more. You can challenge yourself to accomplish a higher degree of fitness and finish our entire circuit at the intensity you desire, or you can pace yourself at your own level and drop out from the circuit whenever you feel your muscles are brought to failure. Between every station of our Rounds we designate a period of active rest till moving to the next station. A personal trainer will be on the floor to help Instruct you and challenge you. Our Rounds is open from the time we open to the time we close, so pop in at any time no appointments and no scheduled classes. (gloves required)


Cardio Kickboxing

2 A Freestyle Art that descended from techniques of different Striking Arts, such as Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Tai, as well as Boxing, all  combined into one very exciting class. It is a non contact aerobic class with amazing high energy music. Our Kickboxing classes tone and burn as well as helping to build endurance and flexibility. Technique is a focus in our famous Rio Kardio Kickboxing class created by Sensei Eloy Santos. His unique style brings a non stop fun and exciting class thats challenging. Heavy bag Kickboxing classes is one of our many classes that will help build your kickboxing skills and accomplish your fitness goals. (gloves required)


Toning, Strength and Aerobic Classes

3Our Intense and Flowing Weight classes using Steps, Free Weights,Body Bars, Kettlebells, Stability,Bosu  and Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands and more are going to challenge you and offset your cardio workout by balancing fat loss by building  muscle mass. We offer, Total Tone, Body Pump, Butt -n- Gutt, Kettle-bell & Core, Bosu Bootcamp, Plyo Burn, TRX and more. Our Very Special Weight Loss class, Triple Ten is designed as a program for the individual who wants to loose those” hard to loose ten pounds”. It Incorporates a nutrition program for this group with our in house Dietician for the ten weeks committed. It is Ten Weeks, Ten People, Ten pounds/inches.



4Loose yourself in our rides through the Road to Monument Valley, Utah, the beautiful Mural in our Spin room.Our amazing Instructors with their amazing music will guide you and challenge you on these calorie burning and endurance, race day rides. Focusing and connecting to the class themes for 45 minutes of intense Cardio, burning hundreds of calories. Beginners are always welcome and paced at their own level.  We do offer beginner  Spin programs for 5 weeks for the individual who wants to prep to a more advanced Spin level.(online sign up required)


Rowing Classes

5A Specialty Class given with the paleo purpose of rowing your boat to great intensity to reach the beautiful Tropical Horizon ,our mural in the rowing area. An amazing Cardio workout using every major muscle group in your body, engaging the trunk while using your legs,hips,and buttocks as well as your upper body, your back,shoulders and arms while stabilizing your core. Rowing puts little pressure on your joints and no strain on your back while burning calories rapidly.Our rowing classes are combined with other techniques to enhance stamina and tone muscle. (online sign up required)


Militia Self Defense Class

6A Specialty Class Exclusive to Rounds Elite Fitness . A one of a kind class  created by Sensei Eloy Santos whose Brazilian Army training  background prepared him to teach training of this intensity. The class incorporates techniques of Self Defense, Martial Arts, and Militia  Army Training.This class is for the Individual who is looking for Fierce and Elite training where a new Plateau of fitness is  accomplished.This class is not for beginners. Sign up required


Martial Arts

7Our Special Martial Arts Program for Kids focuses on Discipline,Respect and Self Control  bringing Confidence and great Self Esteem to every Child in our program. Martial Arts is a form of Self Defense and Fighting and is also as a form of Exercise. Sensei Santos stresses to the highest degree on Anti -Bullying habits and promotes being respectful to peers. Our  Martial Arts program for kids  includes all forms of martial Arts our specialty is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Kid Fit Training Program

Group of children exercising at the gym.A customized training program with specialization for sports enhancement goals and weight loss as well as general fitness goals for kids of all ages.


Personal and Group Training

8Our amazing paleo Trainers will personalize your private sessions and assess the goals you want to accomplish for the healthiest most fit you. Small group training of up to 10 people is an option for more affordable training sessions, still having your goals and needs met and a fun way to train with friends. Many different styles of trainers and fitness techniques available. Inquire about our packages.