About Us

Rounds Elite Fitness

Owned and operated by Sensei Eloy Santos. A Unique Paleo Fitness Studio that incorporates many different aspects of exercise. The Rounds Elite circuit distinguishes our training system to a higher caliber of fitness using strength and endurance techniques. The circuit is open all day to our clients. In addition our well known fitness classes include Sensei Santos’s very popular cardio kickboxing, martial arts, self defense and more. We offer unbelievable spin classes with experienced Rockstar Instructors as well as TRX, Kettlebells, Personal Training.  Our specialty classes consist of Olympic Rowing and more.

At Rounds Elite Fitness we prioritize Health, Wellness, Fit Bodies and Minds as a Total Body Mission.


Sensei Eloy Santos


Sensei was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is a veteran of the Brazilian Army where he mastered military fitness conditioning. Sensei Santos has been in the Martial Arts industry for over 40 years and is an expert in Self Defense. He has a broad experience teaching children and adults in all different fields of Martial Arts. He owned and operated Rio Academy in East Rockaway for almost 20 years. He has perfected a unique style of cardio kickboxing and has become well known and loved for this style of exercise.